Celebrate the World Health day with early diagnostics and open knowledge.

Being aware of the situation is the first step to change it. The current global health situation is alarming, with more than half of the world’s population without full coverage of essential health services (WHO). A way to celebrate the World health day is to participate in one of the event’s worldwide organized by WHO or your local health care provider. If you are having symptoms or complications always consult a doctor, they had study and trained for many years in order to help patients, also READ the scientific research and/or the information provided from key opinion leaders and ASK questions to your doctor, scientist, nurse or professional with a life scientific degree. The misinformation and the lack of resources are part of the health crisis. At Braviithi we are determined to be part of the solution, especially in areas where the early diagnostic can really improve a patient’ live. We have collaborated with vitreo-retinal surgeons, ophthalmologists and physicians in India to deliver a decision-support tool for timely diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy, a complication that affects more than 35% of diabetics. Braviithi’s diabetic retinopathy screening tool will help patients in remote areas, who do not have access to retina specialists for detection of diabetes related degenerative eye diseases. Moreover, our tool enables timely intervention to save the vision of millions of diabetic patients who do not have access to services of retinopathy specialists. Let’s all work together, from the life science professionals to the patients, to improve the status of the health care worldwide and provide medical care and the right information to everybody.